(from the WAY BACK archives. i found this old post that appears to have never been posted and just in "draft" status. enjoy)
hello again! happy holidays and holy days! 
this sure is fun...
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This Easter morning before church our house was filled with singing, and Krispe Kreme donuts, and new clothes, and the reading of the Easter story from Mark 16.

But I also got "the look" from my 9yr old. She was ready to disown me if I went to Easter service in my white suit. (scroll down to see the picture)

I said I looked like the angel we read about in the Easter story. She said I was more like a male Easter bunny.

oh, what fun we have at the Lara house. He is Risen!

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(That's me and my sis cruisin' to California.)

I think I make this bike look good, whaddya think?

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So you've all seen Extreme Home Makeover right?

I know this is short notice, but I'm asking for you to take 15 minutes and write an email for a deserving family. Last night when we were watching the show, our ABC local news station had a little announcement saying they're looking for families in our area who are deserving of the Extreme Home Makeover treatment. 

The catch is that the deadline to submit a nomination is TODAY (2/21/11). So please take 15 minutes to write an email tonight.

Oh, and who's the family?? Let's just say their last name rhymes with the name "Ma-hair-uh."  :)

The instructions ask for a picture of the family and their house. Feel free to use the same photo I used in the blog post (it can be found on my flickr feed): 

If you know Jorge and Maggie, then you don't need any help finding the words to say of why they're so deserving. But if you don't know them, or would just like to know, here's my nominating letter for my sister and her family.

- - - - - - - 

To whom it may concern,

I would like to nominate my sister and brother-in-law for a new home.

Jorge and Maggie Najera have been married for 13 1/2 years. They are currently in a home that is cramped for space and not in good condition. Their family of 9 is currently living in a home that originally had two bedrooms and one bathroom. They've been able to convert the basement to have an additional 3 small rooms. They still only have one bathroom.

But what they lack in space and luxuries, they make up in love and hospitality.

My sister got married in July, a month and a half out of high school. By the following year, they had a set of twin girls. A couple of years later they had another baby boy. But then one of their twins was diagnosed with leukemia. Abigail ended up passing away a week before her 4th birthday. They've since had two more boys.

All of this time, they've been faithful to each other, God, and to their church. Maggie currently volunteers as our Family Life Pastor at Grandview Assembly of God, ministering to children. It's a small congregation of around 100 attendees, but she serves as if she was a paid staff Pastor of a church 10x the size.  Jorge is an all around handyman who is the go-to man for service projects in the church and to anyone who has need. Our church thinks the world of them.

Their home is constantly full of life and laughter. They frequently have friends and family, and neighbors over. They share what they have with whomever is in need. I can't think of anyone who doesn't like the Najeras. They've touched many lives.

This past summer their hearts grew even more when they opened up their home to take in 3 siblings in the foster care system.  They are in the final stages of completing the adoption of these kids.

So it is my privilege that I nominate the "Najera Nine" for a new home. I can't think of anyone else more deserving!

Jorge - 38
Maggie - 32
Cathy - 12 (Abigail - would have been 12)
Mario - 10
Jorge Jr - 10
Jeremiah - 7
Aaliyah - 6
Nyellie - 5
Isaac - 1

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(after they've come in and woken us up this morning and are now leaving the room)
twins: give me a waffle!

wife: where did we get such bossy self-centered little angels?

me: from their bossy self-centered parents.

(long pause)

Adam and Eve. (relieved)
wife: oh good! as long as you weren't blaming it on me.


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