we recently got a family season pass to our city pool, but it's closed on sundays. so we headed on over to the cousins house for some fun.

the cousin's pool had a leak so the water wasn't filled up as much. perfect height for the twins though since they could touch the bottom and stand with their head above water.

this by far though has been the scariest video I've shot with my new iPhone. as you can tell part of this was shot with me holding the phone over the ledge just above the water in order to get the lower angle shot. I just kept thinking, "don't slip, don't fall... don't slip, don't fall... don't slip, don't fall..."
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every once in a while something catches your eye and you know it's going to be an instant classic.  the picture above is one of those "somethings".  i call it Our Mama. we went out to take family pictures but i was ill equipped and didn't have a tripod. and it was cold and windy, and the sun was setting fast so the light was soon disappearing.  so i'd set up my camera to just start snapping a bunch of pictures every few seconds.  this is one of the ones taken while i was still trying to balance it on the hood of our minivan, before i ran over to be in the picture.

btw: click on the picture to see a bigger version

i just love how it captures the important central role Deborah plays in the lives of our girls.  as she shapes and molds them into women of God.  Happy Mother's Day.

here's some other Mother's Day "instant classics" that i enjoy:

although not an instant classic like the one above, i just couldn't resist this close runner up:

in case you wondered what being a daddy of 6 girls is like: (anna is hanging on too behind me. you can see her hand below my chin and her other arm around my right shoulder.)

i love creating opportunities to have our girls help us in this MPD* journey.

a little later than we'd like, but we're finally getting our Christmas cards out today.  here's a video of the girls helping us stuff envelopes this morning.

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*MPD = Ministry Partner Development – that’s the name given to the process of us raising a team of supporters so we can report to Little Rock as fully funded staff missionaries with FamilyLife.
but it is starting to change EVERYTHING.

how will it affect your…

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i saw this today. and i consider myself pretty "connected" to the social media scene. but there's still a lot i haven't been a part of, or simply don't "get".

and then i started thinking how i've kinda been neglecting my social media "skillz" because of how busy we are with MPD* and family. and then i started to wonder, "can we really afford to let our social media presence take a back burner if it's turning out to be such an important aspect of the culture we live in?"

what are people saying about YOU?

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*MPD = Ministry Partner Development – that’s the name given to the process of us raising a team of supporters so we can report to Little Rock as fully funded staff missionaries with FamilyLife
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this is pretty much the scene a couple times a week when i'm leaving for work. but this morning it was especially hard to go since i'll be leaving for 10 days.

we're heading out to New Staff Training with Campus Crusade for Christ in Orlando, Fl. just like with our trip to Little Rock this past june we've been waiting and anticipating for this week for a long time.

we're so excited about what God is about to do, for all we're going to learn, and the new friends we'll be making.

and we also know that people have invested in us and are looking forward to hearing great things from us.
here we go!
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