The greater work

 "Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work." —Oswald Chambers

 "Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work."

—Oswald Chambers

There's been a number of messages, devotionals, and podcasts that I've listened to recently that have driven this message home to me in the last 3 months. 

Prayer over my wife, our kids, our ministry, our finances, our community, our nation, and for the spread of the gospel is much more important than any "work" I try to do in my own strength. 


Lord, help me to focus on the greater work that you are calling me to. May I never confuse the details of the work I can do for the greater work you are wanting to do in me.   

Sweet 16


Sixteen years ago, the journies God had us on intertwined, and we began the adventure of a lifetime. 

Little did we know back then:

what our lives would look like now…

(serving as missionaries with FamilyLife, 2,000+ miles away from most of our family)

where we've been…

(Renton, New Zealand, Yakima, Port Orchard, Prosser, Grandview, Little Rock…)

and the other Adventurers we've CREATED(!)/recruited to join us in God's adventure.

(Anna, Danielle, Julia, Rachel, Sarah, and Naomi, + 2 foster boys)


But I do know that I would do it all over again, and can't wait to see what adventures God has in store for us together in the next 16 years and beyond. 

Happy Anniversary, Babe! 


2014 Lara's Christmas Gift Guide

For all those interested in getting the Lara's gifts for Christmas and/or birthdays. (I know this mostly applies to people we call Grandma, Aunt, or Uncle, and only a handful of others)

All links go to our Amazon wish lists.

Anna Lara - (14yrs, Birthday 9/28/00) - Wish List

Danielle Lara - (12yrs, Birthday 2/26/02) - Wish List

Julia Lara - (10yrs, Birthday 4/28/04) - Wish List

Rachel Lara - (8yrs, Birthday 10/19/06) - Wish List

Sarah Lara - (6yrs, Birthday 3/26/08) - Wish List

Naomi Lara - (6yrs, Birthday 3/26/08) - Wish List

Lil' Man - (younger foster boy, almost 5) - Wish List

Big Brother - (older foster boy, ~7.5) - Wish List


And just in case anyone is wondering…

Deborah - (Birthday 2/22) - Wish List

Abraham - (Birthday 12/17) - Wish List


Merry Christmas!

a safe place

Today (Sat, 5/18), we're sitting in another all day training for foster care.


It's gut wrenching at times to hear the stories/circumstances that causes some kids to enter the foster care system.

Like a child who had bruises on her body, a fractured skull and broken leg. These injuries happened at different times, yet she'd only been to the hospital once for them.

Oh…and by the way, she was only 5 months old! she was so traumatized when she first entered the system that she wouldn't cry when she was hungry, because she had learned that crying didn't get you anything anyways.

Please pray for us as we open our hearts and home to these kids. We know there will be difficult situations to navigate. But our hope and desire is to provide a safe and loving place for these children to grow and heal for as long as they're with us.

outwitted by these two shorties

It's taken 6 kids, and a 13+ years of saying good bye to my kids for me to be outwitted. And finally, these twins have done it!

outwitted by these two shorties

As all the girls were growing up when I was either leaving or saying goodnight I'd say "I love you". They'd always respond, "I love you too". To which I'd reply, "I love you more!"

This would always begin a chain of "I love you mores" back and forth. I would never, never, never let them get the last I love you in.  Even if I had to wait until they had fallen completely to sleep and then say it! I wanted them to know that no matter what their dad always loved them more.

Today, Naomi didn't respond "I love you more". Not even once. Instead she said, "I love Jesus more than you!" And then she ran off giggling because she new I couldn't say I love her more than Jesus. Nor could I tell her to NOT love Jesus more than me.

I was shocked. speechless.

After a couple seconds of quick thinking I replied, "Oh cool, that's so awesome."

Seeing hearing this interchange, Sarah quickly also chimed in the same way.

I had been outwitted.

Well played little Lara ladies. well played.