well believe it or not there's only 2 mo. & 2 days left until Christmas.

// what's on your list this year? //

with thanksgiving only a month or so away, my sister reminded me last night to check if there were any exciting "Black Friday" ads leaked online yet.  for the uninitiated, "Black Friday" is the wildest, craziest, most crowded, early morning, huge sale day of the year.  it is the friday after thanksgiving.  traditionally this marks the official start of the holiday shopping season.  if you work the ads right, and do a little planning, and go with some friends, you can get some really huge deals, and get all or most of your christmas shopping done in only a couple of hours.

2nd bonus question:

// have you ever shopped on "black friday"?  do you love it or hate it?  why? //

i'll answer both questions:

well since i've got an iMac and a MacBook and an iPod and i run with deb's iPod Nano, that pretty much covers my apple wish list so i'm not really sure what else i want.  unless a new "widescreen video iPod" comes out before Christmas?  or if someone wants to spring for a Mac Pro (maxed out of course), or one of the new MacBook Pro's that came out today!  but all nonessentials, because i have what i need as mentioned above.  of course what iPod owner wouldn't appreciate iTunes gift cards!

i love shopping on "black friday".  it's just so much fun to be in the thick of the crowd, fighting your way for that "one" item and then the feeling of coming out victorious!  oh and then being done with all your Christmas shopping is a nice feeling too.
AuthorAbraham Lara