first off, the discussion on this post: oh the sounds of family, is great. plus the fact that i wrote a lot in response to some of them and i don't want to type it all again here; just read the posts, read the comments, and leave your own.

secondly, i think the end is drawing near for us, mag. blogger doesn't say "beta" anymore. i don't think it will be long now until they say 'YOU MUST CHANGE, NOW! ! !'

anyways, i'm sure it will be like DEATH. we're so afraid of it now, but we'll like it when we're on the other side. :-)

// today i'm thankful for:
1. a wife who can spell
2. a wife who tells me when i spell something wrong
3. a wife who knows what makes me happy
4. a wife who does what makes me happy
5. a wife
AuthorAbraham Lara