we woke up this morning with not really any plans other than the fact that i was scheduled to work at pizza hut @ 3 till 7pm. but when i got online this morning i noticed that Joddi-Jay was online at the church. i also found out that annie was with her and so i invited annie to come play with the girls since it's kinda boring for a kid to 'hang out' at the church office while your mom's working.

so she came over for a while and that's when Joddi-Jay invited us to a pastoral luncheon that was gonna take place today @ noon. she was kinda sorry she hadn't mentioned anything ealier. but we were able to get jason babcock to babysit for us in a pinch and off we went. we had a great time with other pastors.
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then i started watching some of the wwdc video before i had to go to work. i've been working at pizza hut as a delivery driver for almost a year now. i began working there for extra income to help get out of debt. but more recently it's become income to increase my MacBook fund.

last but not least tonight; deb is at the store right now getting some milk. but we had called our friends the "mazucca's" to see if we could borrow their 3rd season of "24". if you're not a 24 fan, you're really missing out on a great show. and from what we hear from them, the third season is the best one. but beware for those whor are not yet fans, you will get addicted!

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