so i've completed the first week of school and here's my dilemma . . .

i've been working at the school for 3 years (i'm starting my 4th year) and have enjoyed the interaction with the students every year. yes, some moments have been more trying on my patience than others, but overall a good job. at times though i've felt 'underwhelmed' in my job duties. what i mean is that i thought to myself, "here i am a college graduate, and i'm earning a living by making photocopies of math dittos." or "aarrggghhh, these kids are so dumb, why don't they get it?? why can't they remember to bring a pencil to school!!!???" or "aaarrrggghhh, these teachers are so dumb, i could teach better than them, they can't control their class, why don't they give me something to do??" basically, my patience runs thin for stupid people.
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it's that last one that really has bored me with this job ". . . why don't they give me something to do?" there have been times that i just sit in a class watching the students, or reading a book, or surfing the internet. (in fact i'm writing this post in a text file while in class) because the teacher would be teaching, or the kids would be doing a test or assignment where i couldn't help them. yes, i'd walk around see if i could help but sometimes there'd be nothing to do. i wouldn't be correcting papers, or running copies, or helping students, there was just nothing for me to do.

i would come home for lunch since we live so close. and when it was time for me to go back my daughters would ask me where i was going and i'd reply, "i'm going to work." but after a while i wouldn't say that anymore; i'd just say, "i'm going to school." "why?" they'd ask. "because they pay me to be there," i'd say. there were times in years past that i was struggling mentally about whether to come back the next year or not.

so far this year is different though. first of all, i only have one class where i feel like i'm baby-sitting a student. i also have three classes where i'm helping in math (which is my forte). but what i like most about this year is my second period class. second period is the AVID class. i'm not exactly sure what AVID stands for, but basically it's pretty smart kids that i'll be helping/tutoring to be even more excellent students. the emphasis is to help prepare them for college. a major component of the class is to help teach organization. (don't we all need that a little more!)

so, basically i'm saying i like the classes i have this year. the problem i have though is that this past summer i applied to work at the walmart distribution center in town. it's a lot harder work than at the school but more hours and pay. the reason i decided to do this is because we've been working to get out of debt. right now with over $40k in debt (39k in school loans) and an 'adjusted gross income' for 2005 of $22k it's gonna take a long time to pay all that off. even with our aggressive plan and listening to dave ramsey, we're still looking at about 5 years or so. but with a new job at walmart and still aggressively paying down our debt, we see our freedom in about 2, maybe 2.5 years.

so my problem is that i reapplied at walmart the day before school started because i'm determined to get the job. my plan was to try to get hired on the weekday day shift (which is actually the hardest shift to get, but my brother-in-law has been putting in a good word for me) and then quit the school job. but now, i like my job at the school. (if you're reading jorge, i'm still strongly committed to working at the DC) but i almost want to maybe get the weekday evening shift which is from 3.30pm? till like 1am, so that i can still wake up and work at the school from 7.15am to 2.15pm.

it would be even more income than what i had anticipated and we could be out of debt even sooner. on the other hand it would be a lot of work and possibly even too demanding of a schedule. so maybe i should just still seek the weekday day shift and part ways with the school???

hmmmmm, keep me in prayer over this decision. who knows, perhaps i won't even have to make it. maybe walmart won't even want me . . .

in His hands,

AuthorAbraham Lara