anna is into her second week of kindergarten. (danielle will begin preschool tomorrow). so we're relaxing in our room after school and i call her in to ask about our day.

"how was your day at school today?" i began.

"good" she responded.

"so what did you learn today, anna?" i asked.

her reply was, "we learned about the letter 'A'."

with that simple answer deb and i busted up laughing. no really, lol. we were actually laughing out loud!

why was this so funny? it seems like a good thing for a kindergarten class to learn at the beginning of the school year. this is funny because it's like a college student learning to read dr. suess on the first day of literature class.

anna is just so far beyond the letter "a". she already knows A-Z, she can read most one syllable words, some multi-syllable words, and is learning more everyday. she is beginning basic math like adding and subtracting. she can write her alphabet and even some words on her own. in fact one of the funnest things for her is to be online and "chat" with me or other people we know. she'll be on one of the other computers and clicks on my name and then types in stuff like, "i love you dad" or "how are you?", etc. and she reads the responses.

anyways, perhaps we're (i'm) still slightly bitter that she didn't get into 1st grade because of her 'gross motor skills' (skipping, bouncing a ball, standing on one foot, etc.) but it absolutely made us laugh that anna has to learn the letter "A".

ssssoooooo . . . i'll be talking to the teacher soon asking her to give anna some more challenging homework. i'd also like to have her tested in her reading skills to see where she places.

anyhow, g'night for now!
AuthorAbraham Lara