I press on toward the goal for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. // phil. 3.14 (WEB)

i've just finished reading philippians in my bible reading. this particular verse jumped out to me because i've begun exercising again. in reading through it this time i was impressed with how "intense" paul seems. he says things like; "suffering loss", "to die is gain", "press[ing] on", "that i may take hold of". it's certainly not your casual sunday morning only Christianity.

this got me thinking: how intense am i?? do others look at me and say "whoa, calm down man. you don't have to be that into Jesus"? to be honest, i think the answer is "no." i'm probably more vocal about my faith than some people. (duh, i'm a youth pastor. i probably should be, right?) but i don't think people think i'm over-the-top fanatical.

the other thing i wanted to mention in respect to philippians is that it's a really short book. for most people it'd be no problem to read it all in one sitting. so the question is: in your opinion, how much bible reading is the "right" amount?

growing up i had the idea in my head that "a chapter a day" was the right amount. i'm not really sure where i got that, nonetheless that's what i often did. later i heard that a "good Christian" should read the bible in a year. that works out to about 4-5 chapters a day. then i've heard said that you should just read a certain amount of time per day. (5 min., 15 min., 1 hour, etc.) or should we not focus on how much, but on what we are reading or that we are. so as long as you read 'something' out of the bibe every day that's all that matters. which brings up another question: how "often" should someone read the bible??

i'll post my own responses to these questions next week, until then tell me what you think and what do you actually "do" in the comments section.

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