i don't want to write anything. i don't feel like being nice. i'm not sure if this is okay to admit. i don't picture a princess as having grumpy days. i'm not upset at anyone in particular- i just feel grumpy. and i'm not sure how to pull myself out of this slump.

my castle is currently under renovation. i got this wonderful idea this past weekend to rearrange all of the bedrooms. that means my oldest daughter's room moved to the pink room that the others two girls were sharing; those girls moved into the master bedroom; my furniture and stuff was moved out to my office (which is much bigger than our other room, but has no closet); the couch and t.v. that were in my office were put in the room designated as the nursery- so it is now a cozy family/t.v. room; and finally the crib and rocking chair were placed in my oldest daughter anna's room (there will also be room in there for a small extra bed for guests-specifically grandma). thankfully my amazing husband abraham got the brilliant idea to enlist the help of the youth group that would be meeting at our house sunday night. so most of the moving was completed within an hour and a half. nonetheless, there is still a lot of stuff out that hasn't found a place to land- it is still looking for a home. and i just don't have the energy to take on this overwhelming project of organizing this mess. maybe i need a bigger garbage can.

i just feel like a horrible mother, too. i want so badly to clean up the house that i focus any energy i can find-which isn't much- on cleaning. i don't feel like i have any attention to give my kids. then they act up in order to get attention and i get upset with their antics and i send everyone outside. i hope we can survive the arrival of this new kid. i just want to cry- hormones can be so frustrating sometimes.

i'm not really fishing for sympathy. i just hoped i'd feel better if i let out some of my grumpy feelings.

on a lighter note, my good friend sarah gave birth to her fourth son this afternoon. i am so excited for her- she's not pregnant anymore. i feel that she has what it takes to raise these little men to be Godly princes: a relationship with God, an incredibly dedicated and committed husband, and a sense of humor. (keep up the good work, sarah).

okay, i'm done now. my mom is coming to visit me tomorrow for her birthday and i'd like to take her to get manicures. i sure hope i don't feel grumpy tomorrow. i can't help feeling lumpy, but i don't want to be grumpy.
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