basically i've been a real lazy bum or lacking in originality. deb left to a women's conference in the seattle area today. she'll be returning on saturday. so i'm on kid duty until then. i'm also trying to motivate myself to surprise deb by cleaning up the whole house before she get's back. as of 8.00pm on thursday, no luck yet.

i've really gotten into the nike+ system. currently i've set two goals for myself.

one is a distance goal:

the other is a frequency goal:

if anyone else out there is using the nike+ system and would like to set up some challenges for some added motivation email me.

as i've gotten more into it, the indicator down on the bottom telling me if i'm "ahead/behind or on target" has really motivated me to continue even when i don't want to. cuz it's better to be ahead or "on" target rather than trying to play "catch up" later.

i know it sounds like i'm ending mid post, but i'm really tired and i'm going to bed. perhaps i'll write more about the nike+ another day.

AuthorAbraham Lara