People, opinions, and you.
Why does it seem like people are constantly trying to enforce their opinions on you? I think that every person does this at one point in their lives, but lately a lot of people have been doing it to me. But I am very very very very very glad that by the grace of God I can get through the day without thinking " I'm doing the right thing aren't I?" Sometimes it even seems like they know that your mind is made up but they still try to drill it into your head, or sometimes they just try to drill it into your head anyways. What I think is very funny is that they are talking but they are trying to make it sound like it is addressed to everyone but they really only want you to hear it . Everyone has a different opinion on different things, but it seems like some people live to have their opinions known, shouldn't we be living for Jesus to be know? I know I don't do a very good job of it sometimes but I try.

This is Teri (seeing at i didn't mention that before)
Night and God Bless
AuthorAbraham Lara