princesses aren't perfect

anyone who's known me very long can attest to the fact that i'm not perfect (right abe?). but i try hard to do what i believe to be the "right" thing. all i can say is that i'm still under construction.

a princess shouldn't whine. but sometimes it's so hard not to. especially when potty-trained 4year olds continue to wet their beds; and i'm plagued with a headache that confines me to my bed- that isn't made today; and i'm hungry for something besides the frozen foods i've stocked my freezer with (corndogs and burritos are only appetizing for so long).

a princess doesn't leave the house without her makeup on. i'm thankful for my big sunglasses. this morning when i took anna to kindergarten i broke this rule. i ended up having to pack a sack lunch and sew on a button for anna during my personal prep time. so i took her with no makeup on. i did feel a little funny walking into the school wearing sunglasses, but my pride wouldn't let me take them off. (actually i'm just practicing for the day when the paparazzi follow me everywhere).

a princess reaches out to others. that's what i'm trying to do now- to let all of you other princesses out there know that perfection isn't expected. it's okay- i hope- to occaisionally let PBS babysit while you take a nap; it's okay to take time out to pamper yourself (i haven't figuered out how to do that for myself yet, today; maybe i'll make myself a chocolate milkshake). just know that you're not alone in your struggles today. no one is looking down on you. especially if you're very pregnant (sarah), or temporarily a single parent (maggie).

a princess is real- with herself and, just in case you think i may be approaching a perfect life, refer back to this post and remember that we all have moments that we'd like to cover up. but instead, find a friend and just let it all out. and then move on. that's what i'm going to do now- move on. i'm going to make my bed and then lay down with anna and talk to her about her day.
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