it's time to write again i suppose.

homeschooling is going fine. we haven't had too many days that followed our schedule.
this is what i wanted our days to look like:

7:00 mommy (that's me) gets up and reads her bible and exercises
7:30 children awake and happily get dressed and make their beds; mommy goes though her beautification rituals
8:00 breakfast (with all the food groups) and cleanup;
8:30 morning chores (laundry, cleaning living areas, etc.)
9:00 class begins with devotions and prayer; we discuss the plan for the day
9:00 anna works in her workbook with mommy while danielle and julia color peacefully
9:45 danielle works with mommy in her workbooks while anna reads to julia
10:00 snack time (something delicious and nutritious) and recess time
10:30 julia works in her tracing workbook with mommy; anna and danielle work independently
11:00 group project with mommy (e.g. art, cooking, scrap-booking, p.e., music)
11:30 group reading
12:00 lunch and clean up
1:00 personal time (julia and mommy get a nap and the other girls play or read quietly in their rooms).

oh wait. there are four girls... well, rachel is supposed to be asleep all morning, i guess.

but it doesn't turn out like i plan. instead our day usually looks more like this:

7:00-9:00 i try to get up without waking anyone else, but am not usually successful; i don't exercise and my bible reading is constantly interrupted by groggy children whining for breakfast; kids make frozen waffles for breakfast for breakfast while i am in the shower; kids beg to have class in their pajamas while i feed rachel- who wants to be awake with everyone; we all get dressed but the house is still a mess;
sometimes we don't get to our classroom until 10:30: the kids all work in their workbooks; we don't get snack "because we just had breakfast at 10:00"; we all work until 11:40 when daddy comes home on his lunch break.

the days don't go as i plan, but i sure love spending a relaxing morning with my kids. we don't stick to our schedule, but we have fun and they are making progress. i'm there to help anna make her letters the correct way and to help danielle learn to read. and i love having julia and rachel in the middle of it all. i wish i had someone to make snacks and lunch for us, but oh well. pbj and top ramen are always well received. and then in the afternoon, when daddy gets home he works with the girls some more in 'afternoon school' reinforcing the things i went over in the morning.

in other news, i tried out for a part in 'the sound of music' that a local theater company will be presenting in march. i got the part of sister sophia- one of the nuns with a speaking part. i am pleased. we have practices on monday and thursday nights from now until the end of march. i always said i wanted to grow up and be a nun- a foursquare nun, that is :o)

well, i gotta go. being on the computer takes up so much time that i don't really have. but its always fun to connect with you...
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