i find life kinda amazing. it doesn't really ever stops. i can stop. but if i do it only means that more stuff is waiting for me when i decide to resume my life. the problem being that the rest of the world doesn't stop at the same time as i do. go figure!

the problem is that no matter how many things i check off and complete on my 'to do' list, there's always another one waiting for me tomorrow (whether i actually write it out or not, it's there!) so i find myself 'almost' done with so many things, or 'almost' gonna start/finish stuff. such as:

i'm almost gonna clean my desk,
i'm almost gonna finish reading "Off-Road Disciplines" (okay, i'm only half way done with that),
i'm almost gonna finish making the dvd movie of rachel's birth,
i'm almost gonna spend more time with my kids,
i'm almost gonna go on consistent 'date nights' with my wife,
i'm almost gonna clean the leaves in the backyard,
i'm almost gonna pray as often as i'd like,
i'm almost gonna connect with friends like i should,
i'm almost gonna write about the 6 (and growing) topics i've written notes to blog about,
i'm almost gonna go through my 'unplayed' podcasts i have on my ipod (currently 40!, it was down to '0' ten days ago),
i'm almost gonna finish reading EVERYTHING on the internet (ha! did that make you laugh?),
i'm almost gonna pay off our school loans (ok, so we haven't started yet, but we'll be done with credit cards in march!),
i'm almost gonna do our taxes,
i'm almost gonna . . .
i'm almost gonna . . .
i'm almost gonna . . . be the "perfect guy."

have you ever felt this way? or is just me? now, i could make excuses and write a list about why none of that stuff is done in my life; but that's' neither gonna fix my situation (to sit and complain), nor would it be very great reading since the list would be rather long (because perhaps i'm the only one, but i don't like to always take responsibility for my own faults, i'd much rather blame others).

so that's how i'm feeling today. the irony of all of this is that i slept in until around 8.30a . . . didn't get around to starting this post until 9.21a . . . at 10.19a when i was about to publish the post my browser froze so i had to eventually quit and retype it all . . . and now it's 11.16 and i'm 'almost done' writing this post. ;-) to follow up on that, today is a completely 'unplanned' saturday. it's been a while since we've had one of these but we don't have any appointments, places to be, or 'pressing' things to do.

so i think i'll take the day off! (finally at

// today i'm thankful for:
1. saturdays
2. beef sausages
3. water
4. warm blankets
5. sugar free jello

p.s. in case you didn't know i started the Prism Weight Loss Programs at our church this week, that's why 3 out of 5 things on the list are related to stuff that i can eat! :-)
AuthorAbraham Lara