well, hopefully you've been enlightened about 'the brighter side of computing life', called the Mac. but by the overwhelming response (wink, wink) of comments i can tell that it's time to move on to other topics.

i'd like to get your feedback on methods of taking the eucharist, communion, mass, the crackers and juice/wine, whatever you call it. i was sitting in church last month during our 'normal' time to take communion and trying to imagine what it would be like for a new person.

by the instructions we gave:
would they know what to do? why we're doing it? when to actually eat/drink it?

i've been to various churches before and each church does it slightly different, and some vastly different. so describe to me what your church does? how about churches you've visited? did you like it when you tried something new?

our current church serves communion every 1st sunday of the month. it has 'the elements' - some crackers and little cups of juice in some "communion" holders - up at a table in front of the sanctuary. when it's time for communion, the pastor calls for the board members (although sometimes when they aren't all there, other 'well respected' members are asked to help serve as well) to come up to serve the communion. they then go down the isles passing the trays up and down the pews where the people may take a cup and cracker. i don't think i've ever heard it stated but it's our custom to 'hold' the elements until everyone has been served. this is after the board members are done serving and then go back up to the front and wait for the other board members to be done and come up. at this time the pastor then takes a tray of the crackers and juice and personally serves each of the board members (or others that served). they then go sit down, and our pastor gives a brief devotional about the importance of communion in general or of each component, at which time we all partake of the elements together. (always the cracker first) then another short word about the 2nd element and then we down the juice. it's also interesting to note that although i've never heard it stated, our church also believes that communion is for all believers no matter what age. the key word is believers. according to scripture you could actually bring harm to yourself if you are not worthy. that's not to say that you have to recite certain prayers, be a certain age, or go through a membership class. you simply have to be a genuine believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. anyways, we are then expected to put the little empty cups in the cup holders in front of us and not play with them for the rest of the service.

(this is very similar to what i did in the church i grew up in, and being the good little boy that i was i took it upon myself to clean up after the service was over, by collecting all those empty cups and disposing of them. actually i really just liked making the biggest tower of little cups every month. at least bigger than my sister's since we were both racing up and down the pews to collect as many as we could.)

so that's what we do at my church. what happens at yours? is it meaningful, or simply a ritual? do you fully understand why it's done? what have you experienced before that was meaningful, or just plain weird to you??

okay, enough questions . . . (oh and “Get a Mac”) :-)

// today i'm thankful for:
1. the weekend a day away
2. a surprise date night for deb on friday (unless she reads this then it won't be a surprise)
3. i've been reducing weight with the prism diet
4. a clean house
5. paydays!
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