[UPDATE: i fixed rachel's name in the title and in the post. (you'd think i'd know my own kid's names!!)

so deb's been asking me for us to schedule getting a family portrait for a couple weeks now. so today i finally figured, "why wait? we got a digital camera!" so i (as lord of the manor) called everyone into the living room so that we could take a family portrait (no matter what everyone looked like at the moment - the 'casual' looking ones are my favorite anyway)

so here's our pics. we're finding it's harder to get 6 people to smile all at the same time.

these first four pics are all the same (our first pic), just at different zoom levels. (at least julia rachel was ready)

and then it goes down hill from there

and further

and then "what, eh?!?"

here's some more of the better ones:

// today i'm thankful for:
1. cameras
2. tripods
3. cable internet
4. typing skills
5. great 'desktop backgroud' pics
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