so it's been 1 week since we began our 'acoustic life' here in the lara household so i thought i'd write down how's it been going.

first off, technically we haven't moved to 'the boonies' and we do have running water. that being the case it's kinda hard to avoid media outlets/inlets. (especially when it was such an integral part of my/our lives beforehand.)

so yes, i haven't downloaded any new podcasts, in the last week; but i have been listening/viewing the 30+ i still had on my hard drive (i'm down to about 5). we haven't watched any TV in our home. we haven't watched any movies either.* in fact i have no clue what's going on news wise because i haven't visited any news sites in the past week either. so if a nuclear bomb has gone off i wouldn't know unless they mentioned it on 'klove'. (oh and the fact that everyone at school would be talking about it; so thus far no nukes) i've also not visited any blogs except my own which is unusual, since i have an rss feed that checks 20+ of them.** and i did also check a "mac rss feed" but only once this week (on friday). our church has been talking about getting a mac for the church and as "media" is part of my job description i've gotta keep up on mac related news. oh and as you may have noticed i did buy a domain name and pointed this blog to it "the acoustic life".

so although i've still been using my computer i have freed up 'tons' of time that i formerly used to just 'waste away' (did i just say that) doing nothing. so what have i been doing with that time?? well for one thing i've learned how to complete a rubik's cube. yes, it is possible to solve them without dismantling or taking the stickers off.*** the kids at school were totally amazed today with me solving it right in front of them.

but other than the rubik's cube, i've started to notice my kids more. they are my 'veg' out entertainment. i've noticed how much anna loves to write and draw. (during church yesterday she drew a picture of our worship leader. she must have realized it wasn't an exact portrait so she added, "it's joddi-jay as a kid". i've noticed what a tender heart danielle has and how much she absolutely LOVES her daddy. i've noticed how much julia loves to sing (i'm amazed at the songs she knows the words to at her age). and i've realized that late at night rachel is crying because she has an actual need and it's her only means of communicating with us. (she's not just being ornery and trying to keep us from sleeping).

i've also noticed that i'm not "shoo-ing" them away so much because i've got "to get stuff done."

well, deb's home from practice now (10.55 pm), i've gotta go.

oh, 2 more things. 1) i've started exercising again in the mornings. and 2) deb's new glasses came in and mine will be coming in a week or so.

//today i'm thankful for:
1. quiet
2. uniball 'signo' pens
3. picnics
4. kids
5. ozone (that's the smell 'after the rain', a molecule with 3 oxygen atoms)

* and tonight was a real temptation to that resolve. deb is in full swing "sound of music" practices and performances this weekend and next. so i was on 'kid duty' for 5 out of 8 days this past week. anyways i was really tired and was really close to "sneaking a movie" to entertain the kids while i rested. but i didn't!

** to be completely honest i did check my sister's blog, simply because the kids of our church went to a "kid's conference" this weekend and i knew she'd be posting news from the weekend. and i wanted to check as a parent (anna and danielle were there) but it also was "work related" because i knew i could use the pics she posted in the church bulletin for this weekend.

*** i borrowed one from a student i'm tutoring in math and downloaded some instructions from the internet. i became so obsessed about solving it that even deb got hooked and we went and bought two at target on friday. i've gotten pretty good at it too. my record so far is 5 min 26 sec.

AuthorAbraham Lara