well summer days are here again.  a couple of summers ago (or was it just last summer??) deb began referring to this time as "a summer full of saturdays".  basically because i'm home all the time. well not all the time because there's times that i come to the church. but more or less i'm home a lot more than during the school year (obviously) and our schedule is pretty much freed up and we can plan (or not plan) to do anything we want.

it's actually kinda nice, but after the first 2 weeks or so. we're not really sure what to do now! now i'm sure our time will fill up. and a house full of kids makes for never a dull moment. but we've already run all our 'errands'. i guess we could "deep clean" the house. but that's not really very much fun. and then there's times that we do have the house fairly clean and then we wake up the next morning and wonder, "well now what do we do??"

we have taken our kids to the library now that it reopened. and we'll take them to the park every so often. and one of our summer habits is to take them to a local high school where they serve free lunches to kids during the summer.

so since our schedule is pretty much open (although our money isn't unlimited) what suggestions does anyone have for the laras to fill their time doing?? anybody want to invite us over for lunch? or dinner?? or anybody want to come over for either?? or what other kinds of stuff does your family do on it's saturdays??

// today i'm thankful for:
1. sunshine
2. airplanes
3. kleenex
4. small groups
5. kids with their own unique personalities

AuthorAbraham Lara