so, the other day, i got a friend request for facebook. well, i had no idea i even had a facebook account. i guess abe thought i should have one and he had created one for me. i already had accumulated a few friends- unbeknownst to me. so when i confirmed this friend, i discovered we had a few friends in common... and i had friends in common with their friends... etc, etc, etc. i began hunting for long lost friends: friends from school, past churches, the teen mania internship, christian house, cousins. i just kept finding people that i never thought i'd hear from again- and now i could see pictures of them and their families. it is great to strengthen connections again. i even located a friend from youth group when i was in middle school. she was able to come visit me at my home- it was so great to be able to touch base again. another thought i had was that, as a stay at home mom, i don't get to experience friendship with many people outside of my small circle. but, with facebook, relationships that i cultivated years before are bearing fruit and i feel the love without ever leaving my house :)

AuthorAbraham Lara