• house is getting cleaned up ahead of our lifegroup's new night meeting in about an hour. #

  • @JenSawley to what degrees? #

  • went to bed sooo early last night (8.30p) - so now i'm up early, house is quiet. it's nice. i love being an early riser. :) #

  • @JoseARodriguez checked out twittersplit. talk about being seriously annoying! i hate it when other sites do that to me. #

  • @sarahsdandelion we've been trying to go to bed earlier off and on again around 9 or 9.30. but 8.30! that's the time we put our kids to bed. #

  • @victoriaarmas i'll be "hopping" for you too. :) - i think you meant "hoping". #

  • @maggienajera you could wait til Oct. and then i'll pass you my phone. or i think my old one (that fell in the pool) has dried out may work? #

  • @maggienajera so it fell out in your sleep? most of us just put our phones on the night stand when going to bed. :) #

  • @rhondaberghoff what happened to nannying the lawyer's kids? #

  • almost the end of the day. 5 minutes left. i'm so ready to finish off my last day here tomorrow. #

  • on a DQ date with my wife. :) #

  • @rhondaberghoff Sounds like our thanksgiving day menu, turkey's so overrated. #

AuthorAbraham Lara