i'm making my wife nervous with all of this money talk (specifically our money), but i love the dialogue and the chance to think through the issues. but for her case i'll try to keep this brief.

read this first if you're a little lost.

thanks to all who responded, i'm not offended by it. i don't mind the questioning. be afraid of people who are.

as to the issue of "if you could live with out the help you're getting now, then why don't you? isn't that stealing?"

first, i didn't make it clear in my last post, but we could still live within our means if either we didn't receive free housing from the church or we didn't receive government assistance. but not if both were suddenly gone.

secondly, i don't consider it stealing, since according to the government we still qualify for the aid. now if we were under-reporting our income sources just so that we could continue receiving benefits, then that would be wrong (and i'm sure there are people who do that). but for whatever reasons our government deems it well within reason for us to receive the aid we're being given. if you have a problem with the guidelines/limits that they put forth, i suggest you take it up with your state legislators.

i also want to make it clear that although we appreciate the assistance we're receiving, we i no means intend on being on government aid for the rest of our lives.

in fact, wouldn't it be better for the government in the long run to have debt free responsible citizens than those who are always looking for a handout and or feel entitled to one?

the other point i wanted to make is i don't think that the government should be in the business of providing food/medical care for people in need. in all honesty, that should be the responsibility of the Church. but since for various reasons the Church has been unwilling, or unable to fill that need then i feel no qualms about receiving the help that is being offered.

if any of the Christians reading this blog, who have a problem with our economic situation, would like to give to our family or rally your whole church to do give to fellow believers, we would gladly receive it. :) leave a comment or email me if you want details.

finally, i was going to write more about the dilemma of how involved we should be in the regards to how governments, organizations, companies, or churches spend the money we give or pay them. but since i promised that this post would be brief (see how well i've done), i'll have to save that topic for another post entirely.

i hope this post didn't sound too angry or offended, i wasn't. the comments/questions before simply gave me a chance to solidify the beliefs/thoughts i had for why we do what we do.

feel free to sound off in the comments, on twitter, facebook, or wherever else you're reading this. remember i won't be offended.

AuthorAbraham Lara