i've been asked several times over the last year about "what's twitter?" and "why should I use twitter?" while i'll be the first to admit that you don't really "get" twitter until you actually start using it, and you get equal value from twitter as you put into it.

so i've compiled a list of links to resources giving the various ways people are using twitter, as well as a post i wrote a while ago when i first started using the service. since then it has EXPLODED into mainstream use.

without further ado:

here's a couple links to help you learn more about twitter and whether it's for you or not:

video links:

YouTube - Twitter in Plain English

ABC News - "Tweet" like a bird

ABC News - Twitter Buzz

Evan Williams on listening to Twitter users | Video on TED.com

blog links:

Twitter is as Bad (Or as Good) as YOU Make It

Making a Difference: Should Pastors Use Social Media? | Maurilio Amorim's Blog

CHURCHSMO » Blog Archive » Using Twitter for Ministry, Church and Missions

Twitter-dee, Twitter-dum | Michael Hyatt

12 Reasons to Start Twittering | Michael Hyatt

The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter | Michael Hyatt

for the love of twitter | theacousticlife.com

probably more info than you ever wanted to know about Twitter, but this should give you a good idea about what it is, and how people use it.


- abe


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