i'm somewhat particular about my name.  particularly when my name is written.  here's the rules of my name: 

• you can call me Abraham or abe. (notice that when shortened to abe, i prefer the A to be lowercase)  

• growing up my sisters started calling me aber or Aber (they never wrote it so i'm not sure if i like it upper or lowercase).  while this feels very natural coming from my sisters, if feels/sounds VERY weird coming from anyone else, no matter how long you've known me. my wife doesn't even call me aber.

• also when used with my wife's name i prefer that both of our names be long as in Abraham and Deborah, or both to be shortened as in abe and deb. we're just kinda weird like that, it looks strange to us to see either Abe and Deborah, or Abraham and Deb.

• Deborah isn't as particular as to whether her first initial is upper or lowercase when using Deb/deb.  Although she always initially introduces herself as Deborah, and only after people get to know her do they start calling her deb. she's mentioned that after she returned from the year she was in the internship at TeenMania, it was weird to hear all my friends who hadn't met her refer to her as Deb because that's what i had been calling her. but she also prefers to have either both names long, or both names shortened when used together.  

• we do sometimes refer to ourselves as deboraham (only when speaking, not in writing). we've heard others refer to us that way, but not when speaking to us directly. and it may be cute the first time or two if you were to start referring to us that way directly, but we'd probably soon tire of it.

anyways, i just thought you'd like to know a little bit more into the quirkiness that makes up the Laras. :)
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