Sweet 16


Sixteen years ago, the journies God had us on intertwined, and we began the adventure of a lifetime. 

Little did we know back then:

what our lives would look like now…

(serving as missionaries with FamilyLife, 2,000+ miles away from most of our family)

where we've been…

(Renton, New Zealand, Yakima, Port Orchard, Prosser, Grandview, Little Rock…)

and the other Adventurers we've CREATED(!)/recruited to join us in God's adventure.

(Anna, Danielle, Julia, Rachel, Sarah, and Naomi, + 2 foster boys)


But I do know that I would do it all over again, and can't wait to see what adventures God has in store for us together in the next 16 years and beyond. 

Happy Anniversary, Babe!