"Let the cost be paid from the royal treasury." Ezra 6:4 ESV

What's so awesome about this passage is that God was ready to provide far beyond what they could think or imagine. Here was a group of leaders rebuilding the Temple. They were fulfilling what they believed God had called them to. When questioned by the local authorities why they were fixing the temple, what they were doing, and who gave them permission; they responded by reminding them of a 19yr old law that was given by the previous king to allow them to build. And if they have a problem with that they challenged them to "look it up". Maybe they knew what was written, or maybe they had no idea what the law really said. But not only did the law give them permission, it also decreed that the entire project be paid for by the government. I'm guessing this was a surprise to the Jewish leaders because what they had been working on for the previous 19 years now only took them another 3 years to complete.

I don't know what changed. Why was the original decree forgotten? But God had a plan right from the get go to call leaders, bring workers, grant permissions, and abundantly provide the financial resources to complete the work. So what am I short sighted about? What abundant surprises does God have in store for me? What am I taking way to long to accomplish because I'm not making use of the resources God has already preordained to be given for His work?

Jesus, open my eyes to your blessing. Teach me your ways and best methods for accomplishing your work. God we're ready to do what you've called us to, we will trust in you and in you alone.


AuthorAbraham Lara