"And as they went, they were cleansed." Luke 17:14

It's interesting that in this instance Jesus chose not to heal instantly. I don't know about your church and their stance on healing today, but I've always grown up in a church that believed that Jesus could heal instantly any time he wanted to. But it was always kinda vague and somewhat confusing trying to figure out if Jesus "wanted to" this time and in this circumstance. And it was somewhat disappointing feeling like maybe you didn't pray hard enough, or with the right words, or there was something else wrong with you that God chose not to heal you (or your loved one) instantly.

Instead in this passage God chose a more gradual method of healing. They were healed "as they went". I've seen God choose to heal people instantly a couple of times. But more times than not our bodies, spirits, attitudes, emotions, finances, and relationships are healed "as we go".  It's more in the obeying what God asked us to do everyday, day after day.

It's also interesting that the leper's healing wasn't contingent upon their return to give thanks.  Scripture doesn't say that the other nine reverted back into their leprosy a few days or months later.  It does say that the thankful man received an extra blessing from Jesus. He was made whole.

I want to be a man who remembers to thank. Words of affirmation aren't necessarily my love language, but it doesn't mean I should be a jerk who is stingy with praise, thankfulness, appreciation, and gratitude.

What are somethings that have been healed in my life over time that I've neglected to be thankful for?

Jesus, thank you for your abundant blessings, and rich mercy towards me. You have provided for me and my family at every turn. Jesus have mercy on me, extend your grace when I behave selfishly towards the wife you've blessed me. Thank you for the wife you've given me. Over the last 12 years she has been a constant reminder of your gentle calling of me closer to you and of your unmerited favor.

Thanks Jesus.
AuthorAbraham Lara