"Some…came to Jesus with a question."  - Luke 20:27

Jesus never backed away from people's questions, even when he knew they were asking just to try to trap him. There were times he asked a question back, but he never simply refused to answer.

I don't think God minds our questions, especially when we're asking out of curiosity, confusion, desperation or even lack of faith.  A quick read through some of the Psalms shows that God isn't intimidated by them. It's not as if he doesn't already know our thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

He knows. Sometimes it's just the process of voicing our questions that allows us to give up trying to control the situation that only He can take care of.

Recently, I've begun to question our MPD journey/adventure. I voiced these to questions to God this past week in prayer.

Why aren't we done with MPD yet?

Is there something we're doing wrong?

Are we not learning what we need to during this process?

How much longer will it take?

Will we ever be done?

What happens if we don't finish?

Jesus, you know the answers to all these questions. It sounds a little childish for me to even write them out. Thank you for knowing, help me trust in you.

AuthorAbraham Lara